ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System


Included: ThorroClean Bore Cleaner (118 ml) ThorroClean Bore Flush(118 ml.)

You can develop your own cleaning method but we know that the following works. You should have a well designed and made bore guide. It also helps the cleaning process if you have a solvent port as it is easier to administer ThorroClean.

Step 1 Push a wet tight patch through your bore to push the excess of carbon lying in the barrel. This gets rid of the loose fouling in the barrel.

Step 2 Liberally introduce some ThorroClean (about a teaspoon full) to a good bore brush. We prefer using the Iosso nylon bore brush. Stroke the barrel forward out through the crown and back about 10 to 15 times. Check to see if you have enough ThoroClean on your brush.

Step 3 Push a dry patch through the barrel and follow that up with patches liberally doused in ThorroFlush. You should be able to clean all the ThorroClean out of the barrel with 2 or 3 patches. Make sure that you do not have excess ThorroClean in your solvent port Check it out with your borescope.

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ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System provides a quick and thorough cleaning of the rifle bore. It completely removes copper and carbon fouling quickly, without any wait time and difficult cleanup. The active ingredients are gentle on a barrel and should be used in the same cycle as you would your regular cleaning regimen.


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