Single entry for 10 June Match. Match details provided closer to the time via email.

Please make sure to leave your email address and contact number when making your entry.

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Welcome to the WCRC, here are the important dates for the series! Currently there are 4 matches scheduled. If you like & support them, we can add more 🎯

  • 10 June
  • 22 July
  • 26 August

We will shoot for an overall championship and a prize table like you’ve never seen before! Prizes are already over 125K in value for the final match alone.

The rules are simple:
– Any cartridge welcome up to .308 cal.
– 6 to 8 stages, gongs only!!! 🎯
– 40 rounds max ✅ (could be less)
– Ranges are given | Range finders welcome ✅
– Windmeters allowed ✅
– 1 support Item ✅
– Timed stages (90-120 Seconds)
– Simple scoring, 1 hit = 1 point
– 1.5 to 3moa targets ✅

Format – The format will be best described as a hybrid style event, a mix of precision rifle / veldskiet with a bit of a long range element (600 Meter Max). We wont have silly far targets nor will we have silly small targets with impossible positions. My goal is to challenge everyone a little while still having a ton of fun doing what we love to do. I also don’t want you to rush out and buy a heavy match rifle, bring what you got!

Location – Matroosbergstasie Range is new range just past De Doorns. The range is open for memberships so you can go practice there too which is great. There is also accommodation on site for anyone looking to make a weekend of one of the events. For info on Memberships and accomidation contact Estian – 072 835 8559