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The best way to inspect your own equipment. In the past borescopes were expensive and reserved for gunsmiths and super serious shooters. With modern technology we now have HD wifi borescopes thats affordable for everyone. I love this tool as it helps me see exactly whats going on inside my bore.

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Designed for all caliber barrel inspectionWith 1cm short focal length camera and detachable side-view mirror, you can inspect for barrel cleanliness, throat erosion, tool marks, rifling wear, chamber damage and fouling

Ultra Slim DiameterOur slender 0.2 inch diameter camera allows for easy entry into rifle barrels as small as .20 caliber, and all larger caliber barrels as well

Easy To UseIn order to allow a complete inspection of any barrel, we have extended the cable length to 40 inches. Our semi-rigid cable allows for inspection of both bolt action and semi-automatic rifles from either the breech end or the muzzle

Photo And VideoOur software app gives you the ability to capture and store both still photos and video to either your computer or phone/tablet.

Storage And PortabilityEquipped with a 7 x 5.5 sized pouch, you can roll up the flexible cable for easy storage in your range bag after use

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