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The Carbon X is a carbon fiber stock 100% designed and made in South Africa. Like any of our projects, APW products and equipment are based on the needs of shooters like you. First, we assess why something should be made, then we figure out how best to make it. Simple enough, right? In theory, yes, but in application, it takes a mastery in a host of critical disciplines: design & engineering, material selection, the fabrication process, and testing. We’d say that the results are worth it, and if you’ve ever used any of our products, you probably agree.

Why the X you ask? The Carbon X  was designed from the ground up to be a hybrid system that can flourish in multiple disciplines. Whether you are taking your 6.5PRC hunting or attending a competition, the Carbon X will exceed your expectations

The Carbon X will be available at launch for:

Rem700 Short Action
Rem700 Long Action
Howa Short Action
Howa Long Action
Tikka T3 Short Action

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Before manufacturing begins, we select the specific fibers, resins, and weaves for each stock. Just as important as the carbon we select is the fiber orientation, or “layup schedule development,” which is how the carbon is wrapped or placed on the stock. A good example of this is that some areas of the Carbon X  utilise a higher mixture of high modulus carbon fiber, which is stiffer, in order to prevent bending, flex for better follow through on your shots. The most advanced materials in the world are nothing without the proper construction and execution.

Weight including mini chassis – 1.3kgs +/-

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 95 × 20 × 20 cm
Choose Action

Howa SA, Howa LA, Rem700 SA, Rem700 LA, Tikka T3 SA


Medium, Large, XL, XXL

Chassis colour

Green, Grey, FDE


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