Carbon X


Introducing the Carbon X: A Carbon Fiber Stock Designed to Excel in Any Discipline.

We are proud to present the Carbon X, a revolutionary carbon fiber stock that is 100% designed and manufactured in South Africa. At APW, our products and equipment are born out of the needs and desires of shooters like you.

So why the “X,” you might wonder? The Carbon X has been meticulously crafted as a hybrid system, purpose-built to thrive across multiple shooting disciplines. Whether you’re embarking on a hunting expedition with your 6.5PRC or participating in a competition, the Carbon X will surpass your expectations.

Our approach is simple yet rigorous. We begin by determining the purpose behind a product and then devise the best means to create it. This process requires mastery in a range of critical disciplines, including design and engineering, material selection, fabrication, and extensive testing. We believe that the end results speak for themselves, and if you’ve ever experienced any of our products, you likely share our sentiment.

Before commencing production, we meticulously select the specific fibers, resins, and weaves for each stock. Just as crucial as the carbon itself is the fiber orientation, known as “layup schedule development.” This technique involves strategically wrapping or placing the carbon on the stock. For instance, certain areas of the Carbon X incorporate a higher proportion of high modulus carbon fiber, renowned for its stiffness, to prevent bending and provide improved follow-through on your shots. While the materials we employ are among the most advanced in the world, their true potential is realized through meticulous construction and execution.

Choose the Carbon X and discover a new level of performance and versatility that will elevate your shooting experience to extraordinary heights.

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The Carbon X will be available at launch for the following platforms:

  • Rem700 Short Action
  • Rem700 Long Action
  • Howa Short Action
  • Howa Long Action
  • Tikka T3 Short Action

Weight (including mini chassis): 1.238 kilograms

Maximum Barrel Width – 1.25″


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 95 × 20 × 20 cm
Choose Action

Howa SA, Howa LA, Rem700 SA, Rem700 LA, Tikka T3 SA


Medium, Large, XL, XXL

Chassis colour

Green, Grey, FDE


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