APW Expander Mandrel Set


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Commercial die manufacturers have no set standards for the Expander ball in their dies. The inside diameter of your case neck plays a vital role in your neck tention (friction fit) when handloading ammunition.

The APW expander mandrel will smooth out any potential high spots on the inside of the case neck, and slightly expanding the case neck to your desired neck tention (-0.001 or -0.002).  Using an expander mandrel has been shown to greatly reduce your Extreme Spread (ES) and Standard Deviation (SD) numbers. Which plays a vital role in creating the best handloaded ammunition and long range performance.



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We recommend removing the expander ball completely from your resizing dies. Your last step before adding powder will be to expand your necks using the appropriate expander mandrel. We recommend using Impreial Sizing lube when using the mandrels, a little bit goes a long way. We use a single stage press to seat the primers and then expand the necks on the down stroke, then we pack the “ready for powder” brass into our APW reloading trays.

The Die body fits your Normal Reloading press and the interchangeable Mandrels are sized to precise dimensions. The kit includes mandrels for running 0,001 or 0,002 neck tention as well as a base to keep everything in place while not in use.

The complete expander mandrel set includes:

  • 0.223
  • 0.222

243 Cal (6mm)

  • 0.243
  • 0.242

264 Cal (6.5mm)

  • 0.263
  • 0.262

284 Cal (7mm)

  • 0.283
  • 0.282

30 Cal (308)

  • 0.307
  • 0.306

338 Cal

  • 0.337
  • 0.336

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Dimensions 17 × 13 × 11 cm


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