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Reloading can be an extremely intimidating subject. It certainly was for me at first. With so much info out there it can be overwhelming to try and find what works and what doesn’t.

I went through the exact same process, and spent a small fortune on trying to figure out exactly what gets real world results and what is a waste of time and money. In this course I will show you how to get the most out of your gear and make your components last.

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Reloading for precision can be an intimidating endeavor, filled with uncertainty and misinformation. As someone who has navigated through the complexities and invested both time and money in the pursuit of real-world results, I understand the challenges you may face. This course is designed to demystify reloading, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize your gear and make your components last.


Course Overview

Gain insights from years of trial and error, unlocking the secrets to achieving optimal real-world accuracy across a diverse range of rifles. Whether you own popular off-the-shelf models like Howa, Tikka, and Remington 700 or custom-built firearms, this course is tailored to beginners and those looking to refine their reloading process.


What You Will Learn

  • Bullet Selection: Understand the importance of choosing the right bullets for precision shooting.
  • Complete Process: Learn the step-by-step reloading process from start to finish.
  • Improved Results: Achieve remarkable real-world accuracy with your rifles.


What to Expect

  • In-Depth Knowledge Sharing
  • Comprehensive Guides on Reload Development
  • Real-World Application
  • Stay Current with the Latest Techniques
  • Hands-On Approach to Learning
  • Zero-Risk Guarantee


Course Curriculum

  1. Section 1
    • Lecture 1
  2. Overview
    • Benefits Of Handloading
    • Anatomy Of A Cartridge
  3. Selecting Your Components
    • Brass
    • Primers
    • Powder
    • Bullets
  4. Equipment Overview
    • What Do I Need To Have?
    • Minimum Gear
    • All In On Gear
  5. Starting With New Brass
    • Brass Prep New Brass
    • Expander Mandrels
    • Dummy Round
    • Measuring a Chamber
    • Bullet Jump
    • Dummy Round Assembly
    • Micrometer Dies
    • Seating Primers
    • Powder
    • Bullet Seating + Redundancy Checks
    • Cleaning Up
  6. Working With Fired Brass
    • My System Overview
    • Universal De-Prime
    • Annealing
    • Cleaning Fired Cases
    • Choosing a Bushing
    • Resizing & Bumping Shoulders Back
    • Expander Mandrel
    • Final Case Preparation
  7. Load Development
    • OCW


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Our course comes with a 100% guarantee of enhanced performance. If you do not experience notable improvements, we will promptly issue a full 100% refund of your investment.

Safety Disclaimer

Reloading is a potentially hazardous activity, and all precautions must be taken. Read and understand safety guidelines before attempting reloading. The course creator disclaims all responsibility for any injuries or damages resulting from errors in data.

Liability Disclaimer

The course creator assumes no liability for any injuries, fatalities, or damages due to the use of this or any other load data. Your participation signifies your acknowledgment and acceptance of the associated risks and responsibilities.

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  1. Perfect service!!!

  2. Good stuff, explains things well. Pretty much used this to confirm that i was doing things correctly. Feel a lot better about how i reload now

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