Swarovski Z6 Range


The Swarovski Z6 Riflescope Series redefines precision, versatility, and optical brilliance in the world of riflescopes. With its exceptional features and unwavering commitment to excellence, the Z6 series empowers you to take your shooting game to new heights, from long-range precision shots to dynamic close-quarter engagements. Elevate your shooting experience with Swarovski Z6 – where perfection meets performance.

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Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of precision, clarity, and adaptability with the Swarovski Z6 Riflescope Series. Renowned for its optical excellence and unmatched versatility, the Z6 series sets a new standard in riflescope performance, making it the perfect choice for discerning marksmen, hunters, and shooting enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Optical Brilliance: At the heart of the Swarovski Z6 series lies a world-class optical system that defines excellence. Revel in breathtaking image clarity, vivid color fidelity, and remarkable light transmission, ensuring that every detail is crystal clear and vibrant, even in challenging lighting conditions.
  2. 6x Zoom Magnification: Experience the pinnacle of versatility with an extraordinary 6x zoom ratio. Seamlessly transition from close-quarters shooting to long-range precision, all within the same scope. The Z6 series empowers you to adapt to any shooting scenario effortlessly.
  3. Swarovski Precision Glass: Swarovski’s dedication to quality and innovation is evident in the premium glass used in the Z6 series. It delivers exceptional resolution and edge-to-edge clarity, offering an immersive and distortion-free viewing experience.
  4. Laser-Etched Ballistic Turret: The Z6 scopes feature a customizable ballistic turret that allows for rapid and precise adjustments. This turret is engineered for long-range shooting, making it easier than ever to compensate for bullet drop and windage. Achieve unmatched accuracy with every shot.
  5. Robust and Weatherproof: Engineered to endure the most demanding conditions, the Swarovski Z6 series is nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging and sealed to safeguard against moisture and dust. This scope is your reliable partner, unfazed by challenging weather conditions.
  6. Sleek and Functional Design: The Z6 scopes combine elegance with functionality, providing ergonomic controls and a modern, streamlined design. Enjoy comfortable handling and a sophisticated appearance that complements any rifle.
  7. Diverse Reticle Options: Choose from a wide range of reticle options to tailor your scope to your shooting style and preferences. Whether you favor a simple illuminated duplex or a more advanced BRT-I reticle, Swarovski offers choices to suit your needs.
  8. SWAROLIGHT, the automatic switch-on/off timer with a tilt sensor, recognizes whether the rifle scope is in a shooting position or not. This saves the battery and extends its service life.


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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm

1.7-10X42 Plex, 2-12X50 Plex, 2-12X50 BRH, 2.5-15X44 BRH, 2.5-15X44 BT, 2.5-15X56 PLEX, 2.5-15X56 BRH, 2.5-15X56 P, BT, 3-18X50 PLEX, 3-18X50 BRH, 3-18X50 BT-PLEX, 3-18X50 BT 4W, 5-30X50 P, BRH, 5-30×50 P, BT (Ballistic Turret), 5-30X50 P, BT 4W, 5-30×50 P, (HD) BRH+BT Retrofit, 1-6×24 Circle Dot illuminated CD-I, 1-6×24 BRT-I, 1-6×24 4-I, 1.7-10×42 4A-I, 1.7-10X42 BT, 2-12X50 4A-I, 2-12X50 4A-300I, 2-12X50 BT, 2.5-14X44 P, BT, 2.5-15X56 P, 4A-I, 2.5-15X56 P, BT, 4A-I