Area 419 Funnel Master Kit


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The Area 419 billet aluminum powder funnel uses a system of interchangeable, caliber specific, heads to make it the ultimate funnel for reloaders available today.

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This product listing is for the Master Funnel Kit, including the following:

  • (1) Billet Funnel Body
  • (6) Caliber Specific Color Coded Heads (22 cal, 6mm/243, 6.5mm/264, 7mm/284, 30 cal, 338 cal)  Calibers outside this list must be added separately, not part of a kit.
  • (1) Billet Storage Block
  • Drop tubes can be added but are NOT INCLUDED with the kit

The Area 419 Funnel’s interchangeable heads thread onto the funnel and are neck-diameter specific for each caliber.  They do not rely on fitting over the body of the case to hold in place.  They are sized slightly larger than the neck diameter so that they hold solid on the case.  Each head has a bore sized a few thousandths smaller than the bullet diameter, so maximum flow is achieved for each caliber.  This is huge for the super ultra magnum guys (375 Cheytac, 408 Cheytac, 50 BMG, etc).  The interface between the heads and the funnel is designed in such a way that no kernels can ever get stuck between the two, as long as the head is tightened completely.